Visa for Bulgaria-Bulgaria therefore the European Union’s Common Visa Policy

Visa for Bulgaria-Bulgaria therefore the European Union’s Common Visa Policy

Since 1 January 2007 the Republic of Bulgaria happens to be using the Union’s that is european Common Policy, at the mercy of the regards to the Accession Treaty.

Based on Article 4 associated with the Act regarding the conditions of accession associated with Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, the provisions regarding the Schengen acquis specified in Annex ?? to that particular Act will be binding on and relevant when you look at the Republic of Bulgaria through the date of accession (1 2007), while the rest shall be applicable from the date of the Council’s decision on Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area january.

Bulgaria as well as the Schengen Region

Joining the Schengen area is just a key concern of our nation. The Bulgarian government is highly invested in satisfying among the key national priorities – Bulgaria’s accession to your Schengen area. A well-functioning coordination between ministries and organizations happens to be founded to the end on political and level that is expert.

The efforts within the preparation procedure have now been focused on conference the high Schengen standards and securing dependable outside edges.

So that you can meet up with the Schengen requirements Bulgaria undertook all necessary actions in view of harmonizing instantly the nationwide towards the European legislation, upgrading our worldwide base of treaties, supplying the appropriate advanced technical equipment and infrastructure and improving the administrative capability whereby our nation makes use of the practice that is best associated with EU user states.

Currently Bulgaria dilemmas visas that is national. Those visas usually do not provide their holders the ability to go into the Schengen area.

Visa-free regime for holders of Schengen visas for the stay as high as 3 months

On 25 January 2012 the Council of Ministers for the Republic of Bulgaria adopted a decision relating to which because of the date of Bulgaria’s accession towards the Schengen area, our nation will unilaterally use a visa-free system for holders of legitimate Schengen visas. They have the ability to enter and have a home in the Republic of Bulgaria for a time period of only 90 days in every six-month duration through the date of this very first entry, without the need to have short-stay visa that is bulgarian. Your choice joined into force on 31.01.2012.

Council Regulation (EC) ? 539/2001 of 15.03.2001

Considering that the date of its accession towards the EU in 2007, Bulgaria happens to be Council that is applying regulation) ? 539/2001 of 15.03.2001 detailing the 3rd countries whoever nationals needs to be in control of visas whenever crossing the external edges and those whose nationals are exempt from that requirement

Kinds of visas

  • Visa A (for airport transportation) — more details
  • Visa C ( for the stay that is short the goal of transportation or a well planned stay) — extra information
  • Visa D ( for the long stay) — more info

Needs when going into the nation

A foreigner may enter the Republic of Bulgaria if he/ this woman is a holder of a normal travel that is foreign or another comparable document in addition to a visa if needed.

Visa issuing

A international resident wishing to try to get a Bulgarian visa shall hold a consistent travel document that fits the next needs:

  • its credibility expires at the very least a few months following the intended date of departure through the territory of this Republic of Bulgaria or perhaps in instance of numerous visits — following the last scheduled date of departure through the territory for the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • contains at least 2 pages that are blank visa purposes;
  • happens to be granted in the last ten years.

Visas are given by the consular and diplomatic representations of this Republic of Bulgaria.

Visa applications

Visa applications kinds are submitted perhaps perhaps maybe not sooner than three months ahead of the date regarding the intended travel, individually or through a certified representative, apart from humanitarian situations.

Visa applications for minors or judicially disabled people shall be submitted by their appropriate representatives or by people expressly authorized to do this.

Visa applications for underage people or people with limited judicial impairment shall be submitted by their legal representatives, trustees or by people expressly authorized to do this.

Demands whenever filling out visa applications

All areas when you look at the application will be filled in legibly in typed letters. The names will probably be filled in with Latin letters (the direction they are spelt when you look at the international travel passport). The remainder given information will probably be filled in in English or Bulgarian. The application form will probably be finalized by the applicant actually. The users of the category of eu citizens shall fill out just those industries regarding the visa form which indicate their loved ones relationship.

Obligatory interview that is personal trying to get a type “D” visa

No exclusion will be created from the necessity for your own meeting when obtaining a visa that is long-stay.

Papers to be submitted using the visa application:

  1. A photocopy for the first web web page of this international travel document;
  2. A photocopy associated with the latin brides nz Bulgarian that is last and visas or visas for the British while the United States, if any
  3. A color photograph 3,5 cm ? 4,5 cm against light-colored back ground (the exact same holds for a kid entered in the passport) – a full-face picture with clear, adequate face which occupies 70-80% for the picture; eyes should be red; the next is ineligible: pictures with dark cups; non-professional pictures or cut fully out of amateur photos
  4. A insurance that is medical when it comes to EU user states for your amount of the journey, addressing all prices for repatriation as well as for urgent health care bills and crisis medical therapy when it comes to amount of the stay suggested into the visa. The insurance coverage quantity can not be not as much as 30 thousand euro
  5. Tickets (original and copy) or solution scheduling conformation or monetary means
  6. Copy associated with passport that is technical of automobile for the trip
  7. The following documents shall be submitted: for under-aged children travelling without their parents or trustees
    • a duplicate of this delivery certification
    • initial and photocopy of the energy of attorney notary certified by both parents/ trustees or by one parent trustee which they agree the youngster to visit unaccompanied by them.

The persons that are following exempt from presenting evidence for subsistence, accommodation and transport:

  1. People in the families or perhaps the households of European Union, European Economic region additionally the Swiss Confederation citizens;
  2. People trying to get a visa for a long stay static in view of collecting their own families, pertaining to a refugee status acquired or asylum when you look at the Republic of Bulgaria – pursuant to a penned decision of this State Agency for Refugees aided by the Council of Ministers
  3. Holders of solution and passports that are diplomatic

The following people are exempt from presenting insurance coverage:

  1. Users of the grouped families or perhaps the households of European Union, European Economic region together with Swiss Confederation citizens
  2. Holders of solution and passports that are diplomatic
  3. Seamen whom meet the requirements of Convention ?108 associated with Overseas Labour Organization whenever applications that are submitting short-stay visas aided by the reason for transportation
  4. People who is able to be deemed to be insured or can protect costs in unforeseen circumstances because of their social or solution status.

The following people are exempt from costs for visa application processing

  1. International residents who as of the date associated with visa application are under 6 years
  2. Users of Bulgarian and EU citizens’ families

Visa Application Centers (Outsourcing Centers)

So that you can facilitate visa candidates, also to offer a much better and faster solution, Bulgarian Consular Services began, on phases, accepting visa application types through the so named Visa Application Centers (Outsourcing Centers), operated by the VFC Global business, specialized in supplying visa solutions. for the present time, visa application forms could possibly be submitted this way during the Visa Application Centers operating out of the countries that are following urban centers:


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